Sunday, 12 February 2012

Alfredo Casella - Toccata


  1. Miguel - I don't know these composers and i have never before heard the Toccata you presented. I'm not a music critic, so here's a personal opinion. I think you handled it well. It's quite technical obviously, and I admire you for tackling it and presenting it. The piece was perhaps a little heavy for my ear although i understand the percussive nature of the base line. Perhaps a little more dynamic variation of that line - it was almost a melody - and a little less heavy in places would have made it less 'muddy' for me and perhaps easier on the ear. But well done, and I look forward to hearing more. Regards Mike

  2. Hello Michael.
    Thanks for your reply. It is very helpful. If you like my project, please add my page on facebook and this blog. If you have critics and opinion, please share it.

  3. Quite interesting performance Miguel
    Best wishes,
    Luís Henriques